Not a single return in over 5 years!

Just finished putting together the Big Tool Rack! Rarely does anything exceed my expectations, but this thing is super well made and the fit and finish is exceptional. It’s almost too nice to put it to work! This rack completely empty has to be close to 300 pounds. Maybe more. Now to figure out how I’m going to load it up!
— Shawn Palmetto FL
I must say this is one of the best built, best packaged, high-quality pieces of equipment I have ever bought. I assembled it as soon as I got it home with no issues by building it on the 3 Pt Hitch as you suggested. That really made assembly easy and made for a lot less bending and kneeling. I used it yesterday to haul some additional plants and fertilizer to the garden and have all the tools right there with me, organized on the BTR made the work easier. I also hauled a pressure washer I had loaned to a neighbor. It was so much easier to just roll it into the BTR close the gate and go!!! No lifting, no ratchet straps or rope to tie it in the tractor bucket, just lower the BTR and load.
While I have only had this for a couple of days I know this is going to get a lot of use and is definitely going to be one of my best investments for getting things done. To put it simply, I love the BTR.
Thanks for a great design and well-built quality product.
— Wayne Maryland
“Hi Tim,
Tool Rack went together perfectly, building it on the 3pt hitch is definitely the way to go. We love it and will be using it a lot.
I attached some pictures, thanks again for a great product and great communication.”
— Ken in Holland New York
This thing is so cool makes me want to go buy more tools to put on it! Everyone is going to be jealous my neighbor at the hunting cabin will want one for sure!
— Aaron Minnesota
Just wanted to follow up with you about my Big Tool Rack and how much I love it! The quality is top-notch and I have been hauling all through my woods while I clean up my new property. Thanks for the great purchase experience and providing great communication through the process. I have attached some photos of the rack in action!
Best regards

— Christian from California
There’s no doubt that this is one of the most valuable pieces of tractor equipment I have. I recommend it every chance I get...
— Todd VA
I appreciate your company and great customer service. The product was heavier duty and higher quality than I thought. It is a beast for sure.
— Demetrius TN
Bigtoolrack on a John Deere 2320

Bigtoolrack on a John Deere 2320

I just picked it up on Tuesday put it together on Wednesday and I am loving it!!
— Lynn Peyton Colorado...
Massey Ferguson & the Bigtoolrack.jpeg
I was going to buy a Side by Side then I found the Bigtoolrack to attach to my Massey Ferguson GC1715 you saved me a ton of money! Plus with all of the tool holders, I can carry more in my BTR than the side by side and still have the use of my loader. Thank you!
— John
Another VERY Happy Customer…  THANK YOU For Sharing Lonnie!

Another VERY Happy Customer…

THANK YOU For Sharing Lonnie!

The Big Tool Rack is NOT a toy!
The BEST attachments I may have purchased for my tractor! This thing was delivered so well wrapped and crated that it took over an hour to unpack the crate. If there is a scratch on any part it is because YOU put it there! LOL I was amazed at the “beefiness” of the materials used in making this implement. The subframe is HEAVY and built to support a lot of weight. All of the components are of heavy gauge steel. Even the wheels on the “drop-down legs” are heavy duty and made to last. This thing has chainsaw holder, pole saw or trimmer holder, tool holders for shovels, rakes, axes, mauls, you name it! Accessory straps for hammers, hatchets, pruners, etc. Four tool bin boxes to carry chains, gloves, first aid kit, felling wedges, tape measure, extra gas and oil for saws, sharpening tools, files, and whatever else you may want. And all of this is on the OUTSIDE of the cargo box! No wasted space here! The cargo box itself is also heavy built and LARGE. And it has a heavy-duty tailgate with latches to ensure all your stuff stays inside! I can carry my chaps, helmet, cooler, my other tool boxes, water jugs, you name it. It even has a two-inch hitch receiver that you can slide your hitch into so that you can pull a trailer or log splitter with you allowing you to take even more stuff with you. No running back and forth to get things which is a real time saver. The uses for this implement are endless. As I said earlier, it comes with drop down legs so that when you return from the field you can lower the legs, drop the 3 point, remove the top link, and roll your fully loaded cart into your shop and leave it! No more wasted time loading and unloading. Can you tell I am excited about this?! Like a lot of you, I have a small trailer that I took with me, and I even added landscapers rack to it so I could carry MORE stuff with me. Problem was when I got my firewood cut and stacked in the trailer I had no room to put all my tools back in the trailer and get to the shop without fear of something falling out. So I would have to make two trips and yes, I really stack my trailer full. I refuse to carry things in my FEL as I have heard too many horror stories of folks dumping their chainsaws and running over them! Anyway, I am sorry for the long read, but this really is an impressive implement and is worth sharing.
I first heard of the BigToolRack on Outdoors with the Morgans and I was convinced enough to buy one, and I am glad I did! Thanks, Mike for providing that video. And my thanks to the owner of Big Tool Rack, Tim Descoteaux for a wonderful product. 
— Lonnie MO
IMG_4810 (1).JPG
The “Big Tool Rack” has made my yard work and wood splitting much more efficient. Should have bought one years ago..
— Ken Weston CT
I think the best attachment I have gotten for my Kubota BX23s is the Bigtoolrack. The Big Tool Rack is like a portable workshop. You can load it up, take to where you are working and then leave it there if you need or un-attach it and leave it in the barn (moving it around on the wheels, no problem). The back tailgate folds down giving you a workbench. I load it with all I need, attach it to the Kubota (in seconds) and head out for a days work. Plus it is awesome for taking the trash and recyclables to the curb. Being able to lower it down for loading and unloading and then raising it for transport is huge.
— Jeff in Maryland
I researched 3-point carryalls online, and after looking at many of them, I decided upon the BTR XPHD; and am I very happy I did! It is straightforward, well engineered and tough. I primarily purchased it to get in and out of the woods on my property to harvest firewood. It allows me to get into places where my Toyota pickup truck won’t go without damaging it. It also saves me a lot of time and energy. And the best part of it is that it is NOT a trailer. No tires, bearings, wiring, etcetera, to worry with, and it manoeuvres well in tight places. It is always ready to go, and there is no maintenance to be pulled, persay. It has met and exceeded all of my expectations. Bottom-line: I don’t know how I managed to get along without it. Oh, and Tim, the owner, is a great guy to work with. We had a shipping issue, and he immediately resolved it. One could not ask for or expect better customer service.
— Ron Southeast Missouri
Can’t imagine doing tornado cleanup without the BigToolRack on my BX23S. This thing is tough and can handle anything I throw at it or in it! Makes hauling large amounts of material a breeze and still has room for tools!
— Ken in Beacon Falls, CT
Out retrieving fallen ash trees for firewood today with my two favorite implements! What you can’t see is the bed of the rack. Two chain saws, bar oil, gas, tool box, 45 ft chain and some other stuff. Don’t have to come back for things as long as I remember to load them. I really like the convenience.
— Tom Indiana
Just got my BigToolRack!
I could write a couple of pages about the quality of this product.
Solid construction, not flimsy sheet metal.
Better than an $8,000 - $10,000 UTV, it has a tractor attached to it!
Incredibly well thought out setup based on actual use, not some designer’s concepts.
Great accessories to secure every tool!
Even more significant is Tim Descoteaux. I drove from York, PA. to Morris Ct. to buy my rack. Met with Tim and was immediately impressed. This guy is not only excited about his product; he is constantly looking for improvements. He sincerely believes in his product and places customer satisfaction above the sale itself. If you are considering the purchase of one of these racks, I suggest three things: buy it! Buy It! BUY IT! You will not be disappointed!
— Ken PA
The only improvement I can think of is the name could be changed from “Big Tool Rack” to “AWESOME TOOL RACK”!!! Why has there not been something like this before?
I thought my Garden Tractor was great and I had a $15,000 ATV to use to carry the tools and use the bed to work with. Now with this small investment in the Big Tool Rack I have my ATV for sale and use my dependable Kubota diesel tractor for everything….Great.
All I can think of is tell everyone they should have one.
— Gary Dixon, Texas
Hi Tim Here are some pics off of the half-mile road I go on to reach a lawn, your invention the new rops tool carryall works great! Tie the weedeater down and forget about it no more trying to balance it on my lap while driving.
— Don Litchfield CT
John Deere 4052R with the Bigtoolrack
Everything you said in your video just made sense to me.... I could not see how I could not buy your Bigtoolrack I do a lot of firewood this is going to be a great help!
— Mike Berlin CT
BTR on a 1952 Farmall SuperA

BTR on a 1952 Farmall SuperA

Thank you! Now we can carry everything we need in the Bigtoolrack and use our 1952 Farmall Super A for working on our Maple Syrup Farm.
— Ashley Worthington Massachusetts
I was looking for a tool rack for my John Deere 1025R tractor. Found yours and recognized it was exactly what I’d been thinking about, and much more. Just dropped the snow blower and getting ready for spring again here in North Idaho. We normally just load up the bucket with chainsaws, fuel, and various other tools, plus there’s always lots of yard cleanup after winter storm fall. Your product will significantly expand our efficiency ... I’m calling it my wife’s early Christmas present! ;)
— Ted North Idaho

Bigtoolrack Poly XPHD Video Review by Garrett in Alabama

Bigtolrack XPHD is the Ulitmate Implement Man, it truly is everything I could have dreamed up as the perfect Tractor Daily Carry implement. Love it!
— Garrett in Alabama
The BTR XP is excellent! The basic concept, the design execution, and the manufacturing quality are all top notch.

— Jack Illinois
The Bigtoolrack is better than my Swiss army knife.
Thanks for making it

— Greg Widman New Hampshire
Been working in the flower beds and putting mulch down. The Bigtoolrack has been a great help not having to run back and forth for tools. Thought you might like to see this. It pulls great. I usually have the wagon a lot fuller.
— Daryl PA
Just have to say that we love our Big Tool Rack!
It really is a tremendous benefit
we are getting More out of our Kubota RTV with the Bigtoolrack, A big hit! Makes the job easier! Time saver! From a Very Satisfied Customer!
— Dan President D&B Landscaping
I could not be happier with my bigtoolrack! I searched for a tool rack for my tractor and came across bigtoolrack. I have not taken it off my Ford tractor since. Love having my chainsaws and tools with me, saves me a lot of time, not having to run to the shed and back for tools/ equipment. Built well, looks great, customizable, adds some weight to the rear of the machine..... well worth the money.. my advice BUY ONE.
— Chris Connecticut
I just took delivery of my Bigtoolrack I was on my tractor a mile from my barn and realized I needed some hand tools I immediately thought of the Bigtoolrack ad I saw a while ago and placed the order that day... I need to have my the tools me on my property.
— Jon Vermont
Loving my Bigtoolrack on my John Deere x728 this thing is strong!

— Greg in CT
Bigtoolrack on my Case DX33 in Canada!
— Pierre
Daniel Easy Lyme CT
I wanted to be able to use my loader to move sand when I was installing my pavers but needed my tools with me too... now with the Bigtoolrack I can use my bucket and have the tools I need with me.
— Daniel East Lyme CT
Many of us have expensive 4x4 tractors that are basically one trick ponies …used only for cutting the lawn. These tractors are reliable, highly efficient and capable of doing much more, but were waiting for an attachment such as yours so they could be better utilized. Like others I will be selling one small pickup truck used for chore work on my acreage and assigning my tractor to those duties.
I want to share with you how impressed I am with the overall quality of the Big Tool Rack , made rugged enough for tough work , built with quality materials (and powder coat ) some thoughtful engineering and innovative design of the attachments . It was a pleasure working with you and I was impressed with your attention to my needs and your commitment and follow up to ensure I was satisfied.

This is what “Made in America” should look and feel like!

Click image to see more
— Dennis Vancouver Canada
I must say I love my Big tool Rack! I never take it off. Whether I’m picking up sticks, cutting wood, hauling vegetables from our garden or just doing yard work!
Recently we had a bad storm & as you can see the Big Tool Rack was a huge help again!

Click image to see more....
— Scott Martin, CT
Bigtoolrack on a New Holland
Ready to spread 450 pounds of weed and feed early am tomorrow. Love the Bigtoolrack!
— Craig From Wisconsin
I purchased the Big Tool Rack that was mention in the Newsletter. It is a great unit and really does make my tractor (60 HP Kioti) more usable. The owner of the company is very helpful and has gone beyond what was expected to ensure I was happy with my purchase. I recommend this product to all tractor owners!

Click image to see more....
— Bob New Hampshire
Honestly could not be happier. I have not taken the BigToolRack off my tractor since it arrived. I pretty much leave a bunch of tools on it all the time now (shovel, rake, clippers etc). This unit is built heavy duty to last a long time. I am loving the new found uses for my tractor. It’s like having a small pickup truck for my property. Cannot say enough good things about it. Thanks.

Click image to see more....
— Ric in Morris CT
John Deere X728 BigToolRack

John Deere X728 BigToolRack

Loving our Big Tool Rack!
Thank You,
Ogden Paint Co.
— Bruce Harwinton CT
I saw the Bigtoolrack and said “great Idea” and thought about it every time I lugged around a trailer with tools stacked in it and unorganized, just chaos….It made too much sense not to buy it!

This rack holds a lot of stuff!!!

Click on Image to see more
— Stephen Easton CT Vice President, Madison Square Garden
Racks are Excellent!
— Robert owner of Malco Landscaping Harrisburg PA
The Bigtoolrack XPHD Poly rack has totally transformed my 1987 John Deere 420 tractor!
— Aaron in Wisconson