BTR-SP40-550 Bigtoolrack Spot Sprayer, 40 Gallons

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Bigtoolrack 40 Gallon Sprayer1.JPG
Bigtoolrack 40 Gallon Sprayer.JPG
Bigtoolrack 40 Gallon Sprayer1.JPG

BTR-SP40-550 Bigtoolrack Spot Sprayer, 40 Gallons


We currently have a 3 Week Lead time on this Sprayer it will be worth the wait!

If you aren’t near any water sources then use our Bigtoolrack Spot Sprayer to get to all of your plants where ever they are on your property!


This Sprayer is the perfect accessory for your Bigtoolrack it fits perfectly right in the bed of your Bigtoolrack Ultimate Rack.

The Bigtoolrack difference

  • You get 50 feet of hose with our sprayer others only offer 15 feet.

  • You get a 5 gallon pump others have 2 gallon pump ours won’t work as hard and will last longer.

  • You get 16 feet of wire others only have 8 feet with 16 feet this will enable you to reach your battery or if you choose to install it that way we like and put a battery right in the Bigtoolrack you can strap it right to our chainsaw holder is fits perfectly in there and you can bungee it right in *it’s a totally self contained system*

Bigtoolrack equipped this sprayer with a sturdy 40-gallon polyethylene tank. A large fill opening means less chance of spilling your expensive solutions. The PowerFlo™ 5-Series pump allows for pressure adjustments from 0 to 60 PSI. Maximum PSI products a strong stream of up to 35 feet at 5 gallons per minute!

Bigtoolrack Spot Sprayers include a pistol-grip handgun. outfitted this with a 50-foot hose and an adjustable brass tip. An 16-foot wiring harness includes battery clips and switch. They also equipped this sprayer with an inline shut-off for a quick on/off spray.

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Use this sprayer for property management spray projects including:

  • Large lawn areas

  • Gardens

  • Driveways

  • Ditches

  • Pastures

  • Orchards

Product Features

  • Lever Handgun

  • Pressure gauge

  • Adjustable pressure range from 0 to 60 PSI


  • Tank material: Polyethylene

  • Tank capacity: 40 gallons

  • Dimensions: 24 x 36 x 24

  • Pump type: Diaphragm PowerFlo™ 5000-Series

  • Pump voltage: 12 volts

  • Pump GPM: 5

  • Hose length: 50 feet

  • Hose diameter: 3/8-inch

  • Maximum PSI: 60

Add our boom kit to this sprayer. See Item (BTR-7-BOOM)