Looking for The Ultimate Firewood Gathering Setup?

(Well you’re in the right place)

Bigtoolrack Ultimate Firewood Setup
  • Double your carrying capacity

  • Keep your saw secure in the chainsaw holder

  • Attach your log splitter

  • Put a gallon of bar oil and gloves in the side bins

  • Carry gas cans and protective gear as well as anything else you may need

If you’re like us, splitting wood can be one of your most favorite tasks.

But moving firewood is usually more work than actually cutting and splitting, and is definitely HARD ON YOUR BACK. (annual medical expenditures for adults with back pain is $6,096)

Not to mention the countless trips carrying armloads of firewood (some days you can’t even haul it the same day you cut it!)

That’s where the Ultimate Firewood Setup comes in…

see it in action:

watch now


if your hitch looks like this, it will fit!


Get more out of your equipment, your machine and your time!