Don't Get a Ballast Box

If you’re thinking about ordering a ballast box then don’t get one until you see this!

A ballast box is a great tool designed to help you avoid tipping your tractor and prevent accidents. But most ballast boxes are just metal boxes filled with useless rocks, sand or gravel… As an investment you don’t get your full money’s worth because it’s just a heavy piece of metal used as a weight…

But what if you could get more out of your ballast box?

Consider investing in one of these…

It’s called a Bigtoolrack and it’s the world’s first multi purpose ballast box!

The Bigtoolrack gives you the counterweight you need without having to fill up your box with rocks or concrete. Instead, store your tools in there and maximize the efficiency of your tractor.

Here are 6 reasons a bigtoolrack is ultimate ballast box

  1. It will protect your tractor from tipping over

We used the Bigtoolrack ballast box for counterweight to help move a 478 lbs hot tub…

2. It has a Maximum Load Capacity of 600-LBS with all the cargo space you’ll need!

3. You can add more weight if needed with suitcase weights onto the Bigtoolrack’s counterweight bracket…

When using 6-42 LB suitcase weights it will give you an additional 252 pounds of weight that’s over 500 pounds of weight with the rack, You can also add 600 pounds of cargo giving you a total of 1100 pounds of counter weight!

4. It’s the world’s first multipurpose ballast box. No more useless rocks, sand or gravel!

5. It attaches to your tractor in seconds and you can wheel it into your garage!

6. Ordering a Bigtoolrack is easy and delivery is hassle free and shipping is free.

Shop with confidence because we haven’t had a single return in over 5 years!

We offer Home delivery or commercial business delivery with FREE SHIPPING. We also accept PayPal & PayPal Credit!

You can even get your Bigtoolrack for zero money down and no interest for 6 months! That means zero money out of your pocket to get started!