7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own 3-Point Hitch Tractor CarryAll

If you own a compact or subcompact tractor then we’re sure you’ve already heard of a carryall, if not then you should check them out! We’re also sure you’ve seen some homemade wooden carryalls and you’ve probably thought about designing one yourself.

Here are 7 reasons you shouldn’t build your own 3-point hitch tractor carryall:

  1. Welding can be extremely dangerous if you have no idea what you’re doing

  2. Building can be an extremely time-consuming process and requires lots of patience and many hours of hard work

  3. Finding the right materials isn’t easy for everyone. Depending on what you need, the length of your project and budget can increase exponentially

  4. There’s a steep learning curve. Mistakes with materials or components during the learning process can be costly

  5. Costs can exceed your initial budget given various unforeseen events that arise during the building process

  6. You will need a proper workshop and good tools as well as help from people who know what they’re doing

  7. There’s no warranty on a DIY tractor attachment. You break it, it’s gone

If you’re willing to inconvenience yourself just to join the “DIY club” that’s fine, but you should consider a better option.

We’ve been in the business of designing carryall systems for a while. Check out our origin story here.

Now here are 3 reasons to consider investing in a 3-point hitch tractor carryall from BigToolRack.com


  1. These are professionally built tractor carry all systems

2. We provide you with installation guides, manuals and support so setup is easy

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