How a 3 Point Hitch Tractor Carry All is Made

Ever wonder how you could build your own tractor call all?

When we designed our first three point hitch tractor carry all called “Bigtoolrack®”, all we wanted was more cargo space for our sub compact and compact tractors. So we whipped up a homemade three point hitch tractor carry all.

This was the very first attempt at

our 3 point hitch tractor carry all

“ After spending a lot of time thinking about this, I built a mock up rack and attached it to my compact tractor a John Deere 2520. I spent most of the summer working with my son and daughter on our property using this rack to carry all our yard tools. I showed them how it worked and what it could do for us. I could use the loader for moving top soil and at the same time still have all of my tools attached to my compact tractor as well as carry grass seed and straw with me. I found that I never wanted to take the yard tool rack off. I could even tow my utility trailer or log splitter with the rack attached to my compact tractor. I could split wood and load it right into the rack from my splitter. I remember driving around my property with this yard tool rack, and from time to time I would stop and ask my wife how she liked my BigToolRack®, and she would just smile and laugh at me. Little did I know I was on to something…”

- Tim Descoteaux, President & Founder of Bigtoolrack®


Then we designed the first prototype 3 point hitch tractor carry all

However, with any DIY project, you run into some challenges of building your own three point hitch tractor carry all.

  1. You need a welder, and need to know how to use it

  2. You Need to send out the metal parts to powder coat them if you really want to protect it from rusting

  3. You Need to make special tool holders to secure the tools you want to carry

  4. You Need to make it strong enough to carry some weight to give you counter balance

  5. You Need to add a tow hitch receiver so you can tow a log splitter spreader and other items,

  6. You have to Make some kind of wheel kit so you can move it around when it is off your tractor.

  7. You have to Make the rack quick hitch compatible

And in the end, these are the finished products we have today. We’ve come so far!

Sounds like a lot of work ….. right?  

Well let us build a Bigtoolrack for you so you can save time and do what you enjoy!

This is our business we know how to build carryall systems.

We have any rack that will surely fit your needs and we stand behind them 100% with a factory warranty.