The Story Behind BigToolRack®

Hello! My name is Tim Descoteaux from Harwinton, Connecticut and I welcome you to my site. Let me begin by saying I was not looking to invent something or start a new company - it just happened based on my needs. I have always had a passion for tractors, farm, and landscaping equipment. I have owned many tractors and different types of equipment throughout the years. I started BigToolRack® to get more out of my compact tractor. I had just purchased a compact tractor, which I love, but sub compact and compact tractors are expensive and very limited due to the fact that there is not much cargo space. I thought of the need to have a place to securely store everything and take it with me on my compact tractor on the job all at once.

An Idea about a Yard Tool Rack Becomes a Reality

After spending a lot of time thinking about this, I built a mock up rack and attached it to my compact tractor a John Deere 2520. I spent most of the summer working with my son and daughter on our property using this rack to carry all our yard tools. I showed them how it worked and what it could do for us. I could use the loader for moving top soil and at the same time still have all of my tools attached to my compact tractor as well as carry grass seed and straw with me. I found that I never wanted to take the yard tool rack off. I could even tow my utility trailer or log splitter with the rack attached to my compact tractor. I could split wood and load it right into the rack from my splitter. 

I remember driving around my property with this yard tool rack, and from time to time I would stop and ask my wife how she liked my BigToolRack®, and she would just smile and laugh at me. Little did I know I was on to something… I did find that this rack did not secure the tools as well as I would have liked, and it did not have all of the features I wanted so I knew I needed to make it better. I then brought this concept to a few of my close friends. Two of them are now investors in my idea. We hired a top notch design team and worked with them for several months to refine what I call, BigToolRack® the Ultimate Attachment.

BigToolRack® was designed to work with a compact tractor and sub-compact tractor with many unique features:  large cargo area, universal tool holders for rakes, shovels, axes, etc…. long lumber / fence post carrier, weed trimmer carrier, garden hose / extension cord carrier, chainsaw carrier, counter weight option, trailer hitch feature, as well as a click on wheel system that converts your rack into a roll away storage system to neatly store your tools in your garage or barn when not in use. The real beauty is you can outfit your rack the way you want it to fit your needs. My system can be attached to your tractor with a 2 inch receiver or the 3pt hitch and still give you the ability to tow a trailer once the unit is attached. This rack has many uses! I spent a lot of time developing BigToolRack® to make your life easier and more productive.

No more running back and forth to the garage or barn for the tools you need to do the job. I think you will agree that the system sells itself. It just makes sense…

Please email me your comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Descoteaux  
President & Founder
The Ultimate Attachment