The FIrst ever multi purpose ballast

no more useless rocks, sand or gravel

Protect your tractor from tipping over 

✔ Maximum Load Capacity CARGO AREA 600-LBS

✔ Quickly attaches to any Standard 3 Point Category 1 Hitch

Fast Shipping direct from manufacturer

NOT A SINGLE RETURN in over 5 years of business

ZERO MONEY DOWN with zero interest for 6 months when using PayPal Credit for financing.

The Bigtoolrack multi purpose ballast

helps you protect the integrity of your tractor's front axle and improves traction by balancing and shifting the weight from the machine's weaker front end to its sturdy rear end. Engineered to handle payloads up to 600 lbs, making it one of the only multi purpose ballast box available for compact tractors.

No more rocks or concrete

The Bigtoolrack gives you the counterweight you need without having to fill up your box with rocks or concrete. Instead, store your tools in there and maximize the efficiency of your tractor.

The counterweight you deserve…

Sometimes you need more counterweight to balance and shifting the weight from your tractor’s weaker front end to its sturdy rear end. The Bigtoolrack gives you just that, no questions asked.

Safely & securely carry materials

If you’re carrying your materials in your lap while driving your tractor then they’re at risk of falling off and getting damaged. The Bigtoolrack gives you a safe place to securely transport your materials.

The Bigtoolrack Breakdown

The bigtoolrack Ballast box fits on ALL compact, lawn, Utility & Garden tractors

with a 3 point hitch.